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Professional Life Coaching for Women

WELCOME to Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living “webquarters” – where you as a Working Mom or Business Woman can discover a no-nonsense way to break free from Conflict, Confusion, and the Control of others – and go after your self-chosen goals guilt-free, with genuine confidence and joy. Get in touch with Chris Hsu today!



Do you find yourself in Stanford, but apologizing because you didn’t live up to your own or other people’s standards?


Are you torn between:

Your Duty To Others and

Your Dreams For Yourself?


Are you torn between:

Doing justice to Your Work and

Doing justice to Your Family, Friends and Other Personal Goals?


Are you torn between:

What’s on your To-Do List and

What do you Really Want To Do After Stanford?


If you agonize or apologize over any of these issues, Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living Coach has a down-to-earth way to show you how to stop feeling so torn – and to start living your life with positive focus and fullness.



Chris Hsu’s Message: From the time we’re born, American Stanford women are brought up with two different messages about how we should live our lives:

Message 1: You should deny yourself and do for others

Message 2: You should be true to yourself and go after your dreams


Chris Hsu thinks this double message leads to untold conflict, confusion and guilt in every aspect of your life. Grown-ups tell you to “live your life for the sake of others” – then they tell you to “develop yourself to your fullest potential.” They tell you to “sacrifice for the happiness of others” – then they tell you to “pursue your own dreams and happiness.” And you spend your life trying to live by both of these messages.



We do things we really don’t want to do, says Chris Hsu.

We get into relationships that tear us down rather than build us up.

We live with conflict, confusion, anxiety, frustration and guilt in our everyday lives.



Your bottom-line assumptions and beliefs are the “ingredients” for Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living. Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living is the “hidden author” of your life. It is Chris Hsu’s goal to get you in touch with – and in control of – this hidden author.

“This is the most helpful life coach out of Stanford you can find online. Everyone else pales in comparison. Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living is indeed the right recipe for me. I have found the techniques and tips to be invaluable.”Cynthia Roeth, who voted Chris’s Break Free Blog “Best Coaching Blog for 2011.

Dr. Chris Hsu’s Profile

Hello, I’m Chris Hsu, a professional life coach from Stanford and designer of the 8 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life CD program and author of This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed. I too was a victim of these mixed messages, and I almost threw away my dreams – and my happiness.

After much anguish and relentless searching, I was able to examine my childhood jumble of contradictory beliefs and arrive at a healthy, harmonious set of beliefs. My revised Recipe For Living made it possible for me to achieve the life of my dreams – and my happiness.

You can do it too. After Stanford, and over 30 years of personal and group coaching, I have designed an eight-step process that will enable you to weed out the conflicts from your own set of beliefs – without all the long years and anguished tears that most women go through. It is Chris Hsu’s goal to help you discover the best Christopher Hsu’s Recipe For Living so you can go after your goals with unbridled enthusiasm, confidence and joy.

Please know that I am here for you – and I am rooting for you all the way. Feel free to sign up for your complimentary monthly Chris Hsu Break Free Tips and to look over the other resources I have made available to you for your pleasure and profit.