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A passionate motivational speaker and life coach with a new reality-based, no-nonsense approach, Chris Hus is the designer of a unique strategy for reaching your goals and loving your life. Her 8 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life CD program shows you how to break free from conflict, confusion and the control of others so you can go after your goals guilt-free, with confidence and joy.  A personal counselor for over thirty years, Chris has helped women in all walks of life improve their productivity, their relationships and their quality of life by breaking free from the contradictions in their beliefs that lead to stress, anxiety, and guilt. Both her CD program and her new book, This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed, are designed to help you stop apologizing – and start living.


Christopher’s Survey: Before designing her CD Program and writing the final version of her book, Christopher conducted a survey of business women and working moms to discover what helps and what hinders them in going after their goals. The survey confirmed that the women who experienced the most serious conflict harbored self-paralyzing contradictions in their deep-down bottom-line beliefs.


Christopher’s Years As A Corporate Executive: As Vice President of Ekra Laboratories for ten years, Christopher worked alongside the inventor of the artificial sweetener “Sweet ‘N Low” negotiating contracts with many large companies, including American Home Products and Campbell Soup. Throughout this period, Christopher struggled with her personal goals in the arts while still maintaining her professionalism at work.


As Director of Media Services for the Start Corporation, Christopher serviced phone companies, restaurants, cable companies, industrial processing companies, and national professional associations. She witnessed business women striving for respect as they rose through the ranks and she witnessed working mothers trying to be “present” for their children while maintaining their professionalism on the job. She herself struggled to care for her aging parents four hundred miles away while being responsible and present at her work.


Christopher’s Years As A Personal Counselor: The oldest of four, a babysitter for families with up to six children, and a 4-H Junior Counselor in her teens, Christopher started “counseling” at a very early age. She became a college dormitory counselor for three hundred women at the University of Delaware. Through the Virginia Extension Service, she counseled teenagers and adults in career exploration, family relationships, and home management. As a ballroom dance instructor for studios in New York City, Kansas City and the Carolinas, Christopher counseled adults of all ages in male-female relationships.


For T C Dance Club International, Christopher wrote “The Staff Connection” – a guide to hiring employees with healthy, non-contradictory beliefs to prevent conflict in the workplace – which was used for training staff members all over the world. As a Teacher of Etiquette and Social Dancing for Teen Cotillion in Charlotte, North Carolina, Christopher re-designed the etiquette program and taught young people how to treat both themselves and others with a healthy respect in a variety of social situations. As a Behavior Breakthrough Counselor for NutriSystem, Christopher taught women who turned to food for comfort how to re-focus their lives on the things that were most important to them.


What amazes Christopher is that, wherever she has worked – from being a Retention Specialist for a South Carolina psychological firm, to being a banquet server at a fancy North Carolina resort, to being an inventory analyst for a New York fashion company and a dance performer for a Touring Soldier Show in Germany – men and women from all walks of life have come to her seeking advice for their lives, saying “You are so together and happy – how do you do it?”


Christopher’s Self Help Calendars: People’s questions prompted Christopher to create a series of “This Is Your Life” self-help calendars. Some women were so moved by these calendars that they begged Christopher to write more about these subjects – and that is how Christopher’s book got started. Christopher said, “Seeing so many women struggling with conflict, confusion and guilt was painful to me, and I knew the world would be a better place if more people were enjoying their lives rather than suffering from unnecessary conflict and unearned guilt.”


Christopher’s Own Struggle And Triumph: Christopher is no stranger to dealing with conflicts that arise from holding contradictory beliefs about ourselves and the world. She spent the first half of her life in conflict between what others told her to do and what her own best judgment told her to do. At stake were her career, her marriage, her decision about children, and her happiness. Through long study and thought (she found that agonizing and hair-pulling didn’t work), she was able to resolve her conflict and achieve the life of her dreams: she loves where she lives, what she does, the man she lives with and the kind of person she has made of herself.




My mission is to help working women reclaim their lives from conflict, confusion and the control of others – and start living their lives with radiant confidence and joy. I have found that businesswomen and working moms are so torn between doing for themselves and doing for others – and so confused about how to do justice to all their values – that they feel guilty no matter what they do, and they end up apologizing for living. I designed both my CD Program and my book to provide working women a step-by-step way to transform such unnecessary conflict into a renewed zest for life. My goal is to help working women know that it is right for them to go after their own goals and achieve what they want for their lives.


Christopher’s speaking and coaching services, along with her CD Program and her recently-published book, offer you an intelligent new way to be at home with yourself, with others, and with the world. Christopher’s passion is to enable you to love living your own unique, irreplaceable life.



The following letter shows how Christopher helped one woman move from a life full of inner turmoil to a life she can truly love living:


Dear Christopher,


Your vision of a human being is inspirational. You see what is beautiful, strong, and noble and make it visible. You taught me that a person’s character is their greatest achievement, and that the higher a human being aspires, the more enriched all human beings are. How has knowing you impacted my life? You introduced me to healthy self love, healthy pride in accomplishment, and the pursuit of goals with pride and passion. I see that at the heart of most dissonance with others is usually a dissonance with myself. I see that resentment-free relationships with others require guilt-free pursuit of goals for myself. I see that living more truly by my own lights is the greatest gift I can offer others – who have their own lights to live by.


The more I have given myself permission to identify and express, and discover and pursue who I am, the more guilt and other “perceived” impediments have melted away. You have helped me more joyfully see myself, be myself, and share myself with my loved ones. I used to think the best way to “live for others” was to “lose myself,” to mirror their expectations of reality, to not be a self at all. I now realize that to lose yourself is to cheat others – as well as yourself – of the unique YOU that you have to offer as an interactor with and transformer of reality.


Imagine if Ben Franklin or Thomas Edison, Shakespeare or Beethoven had sacrificed their vision and aspirations because of the fears or criticisms of others – or because of guilt about having remarkable abilities! Living for one’s highest aspirations is to add to the human experience, to the human potential, and to the vision of what a human being can be. It is the greatest gift we can give – both to ourselves and to other striving selves.


Isn’t her change a marvelous achievement? It should be an inspiration to you – because it shows you that it can be done! And it shows you the enormous payoff: being able to go after your goals guilt-free – and achieving honest, growing, mutually respectful, happy relationships for your life!