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How To Find Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a good day to step back and ask yourself, “Just what is this thing we call romantic love?  The following excerpt from my upcoming book might offer you some insight: Love Is Not What Most Of Us Think It Is One trap we women can fall into is to worship a pretty-sounding...Read More

Experiencing Happiness And Cheer With Others

So much of our holiday joy comes from celebrating life with other people. But sometimes being with others brings us feelings of loneliness and frustration rather than closeness and warmth.  If your get-togethers through the years have brought you more pain than pleasure, make a change this year to increase your cheer. Here’s how to celebrate with...Read More

Make The Holidays Meaningful To YOU

We all grow up with a certain way of celebrating the holidays, usually the way our parents celebrated the holidays. After we leave home we often stick with the same traditions, or if we get married, we often try to “blend” the traditions of our marriage partner with our own. We get stuck with the idea that “it...Read More

Do You Know What You’re Thankful For?

THIS THANKSGIVING, instead of just going on “automatic” and having someone else give a brief thanks before diving in to eat, you can turn the occasion into a time to think about what YOU are actually thankful for. Traditionally, we give thanks for the food we are about to eat. But we forget to acknowledge the multitude...Read More