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Break Free Book

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An Intelligent New Way To Be At Home With Yourself And The World

Are you actually doing what is most important to you – or do your days get lost in a deluge of demands and distractions?

You’re not alone. Most working women struggle with guilt and frustration over their conflicting priorities. Conflicting priorities set your goals against each other, which can poison your life and paralyze your action.


This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed is based on Chris’s own personal struggle with conflicting prioities, her long history of personal coaching, and her recent survey of working women across the country. It delves beneath the surface to the very heart of living a fulfilling life by showing you:

  • how to determine what is most important to you
  • how to be true to what is most important to you
  • how to transform conflicting goals into goals that enhance one another
  • how to actually be a good person
  • how to go after your goals guilt free, with confidence and joy
  • how to be at home with yourself, with others, and with the world

Chris Hsu offers a radical new way to tackle the obstacles that get in the way of going after your goals: she takes you directly to the root of your values and goals – your belief system. Your belief system underlies everything you think and feel and do. It is the hidden author of your life. That’s why Christopher calls it your “Recipe For Living.”  This is the Recipe by which you make all your decisions, relate to others, and direct your life.

By taking a good look at your personal Recipe For Living, you can discover where your everyday conflicts, confusion, or guilt actually come from. You will see how to tell if the “Ingredients” in your Recipe are compatible, so you can make sure your Recipe For Living is a healthy one.  By showing you how to eliminate conflicts at their very root in your belief system, Christopher enables you to eliminate all the unnecessary conflict, confusion and guilt in your everyday life!

The results are astonishing. You will be amazed how your revised Recipe For Living will boost your productivity and quality of life by freeing you to go full steam ahead after your most important values, goals and relationships.



INTRODUCTION: A Book About How To Love Living Your Life

PART ONE – THE PROBLEM: Your Goals – And Your Life – Are at Stake

  • Question 1: This Is Your Life…Or Is It? a question of self-ownership
  • Question 2: There Is No Apology Needed…Or Is There? a question of self-accountability
  • Question 3: Your War Against Yourself…Where Does It Come From? a question of self-persecution
  • Question 4: Goodness And Guilt…What’s The Bottom Line? a question of self-preservation

PART TWO – THE DANGERS: Twelve Life-Threatening Mistakes Working Women Make

  • Mistake 1: Not Taking Your Own Life Seriously making your choices without thinking about their consequences
  • Mistake 2: Not Taking Responsibility For Your Life blaming others for whatever goes wrong and crediting others for whatever goes right
  • Mistake 3: Not Using A Reliable Measuring Stick trying to live by an impossible standard
  • Mistake 4: Thinking Other People Are More Important Than You betraying your own dreams and shaping your life to the wishes of others
  • Mistake 5: Giving In To Your Fears letting your insecurities keep you from going after what you want in life
  • Mistake 6: Taking Someone Else’s Word For It believing that others automatically know better than you
  • Mistake 7: Believing You Are Not Good Enough thinking you’re not worthy or capable of living a fulfilling life
  • Mistake 8: Turning Your Back On Reality neglecting to distinguish facts from feelings, faith, or fantasy
  • Mistake 9: Living By Arbitrary Rules Rather Than By Reality-Based Principles conforming to man-made codes of conduct that can harm your life
  • Mistake 10: Giving Up A Higher Value For A Lower Value turning your back on your most important values and goals
  • Mistake 11: Trying To Live Up To An Impossible Ideal Of Perfection having unrealistic expectations and unhealthy restrictions for yourself
  • Mistake 12: Accepting A Harmful Recipe For Living trying to live by a belief system that turns you against yourself

PART THREE – YOUR NEEDS: What Does It Take to Love Living Your Life?


  • Need 1: To Have A Healthy Relationship With The World being and feeling right with reality
  • Need 2: To Have A Healthy Relationship With Yourself being and feeling right with your own personhood


  • Need 3: To Have A Reliable Way To Acquire Knowledge being and feeling securely connected to the world
  • Need 4: To Have A Reliable Guide For Living Your Life being and feeling like a good person
  • Need 5: To Have A Reliable Guide For Relating To Others being and feeling fair and just in meaningful community with others


  • Need 6: To Choose Meaningful, Life-Serving Values And Goals being and feeling motivated, enthusiastic and purposeful
  • Need 7: To Strive To Achieve Your Goals being fully engaged with life and feeling passion, excitement and joy

PART FOUR – THE SOLUTION: Discover A Healthy Recipe For Living

  • Step 1: Uncover What Gets In Your Way by taking a simple survey — find out how your needs are being blocked
  • Step 2: Discover The Recipe You Are Living By Right Now by answering five easy questions — see how well your Recipe serves your needs
  • Step 3: Consider The Basic Recipes You Can Choose From by looking at three time-tested Recipes — discover which of the three Recipes best serves your needs
  • Step 4: Give Your Recipe For Living A Reality Test by comparing it with nature’s requirements — find out if your Recipe is at odds with nature
  • Step 5: Revise Your Recipe For Living by eliminating the incompatible ingredients — break free from conflict by making all your ingredients work for you
  • Step 6: Practice Using Your Revised Recipe by filling out a “nasty criticism” form — develop confidence by using your Recipe to stand  up to criticism
  • Step 7: Use Your Revised Recipe To Know What’s Up by pinning the result to the Recipe — understand where the people and events in your life are “coming from”
  • Step 8: Use Your Revised Recipe To Take Charge Of Your Life by making changes with ease and good will — go after your goals with confidence and joy

PART FIVE – YOUR REWARD: Guilt-Free Joyous Living

  • Component 1: Seeing The Big Picture Of Your Life
  • Component 2: Being Inspired By Great Role Models
  • Component 3: Becoming Your Own Ideal Woman
  • Component 4: Taking Charge Of Your Life
  • Component 5: Having A Healthy Recipe For Living
  • Reward 1: Having A Great Relationship With The World understanding the world and getting the results you want
  • Reward 2: Having A Great Relationship With Yourself earning respect for yourself by developing the character traits you admire
  • Reward 3: Having Great Relationships With Others increasing your productivity, magnifying your joy, celebrating your life
  • Reward 4: Going After Your Goals With Confidence and Joy knowing that it is good to strive for what you want in life
  • Reward 5: Loving Your Life feeling gloriously happy and treasuring each moment of your life








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