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Experiencing Happiness And Cheer With Others

So much of our holiday joy comes from celebrating life with other people. But sometimes being with others brings us feelings of loneliness and frustration rather than closeness and warmth.  If your get-togethers through the years have brought you more pain than pleasure, make a change this year to increase your cheer.

Here’s how to celebrate with others:

Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness

  • Don’t depend on other people to make you happy.
  • Bring your happiness to share and celebrate with others, instead of bringing your unhappiness for everyone else to “fix.”
  • Reach out to others with your questions, rather than passively waiting for someone to approach you.

Pick The People You Choose To Spend Time With

  • Spend your time with people you like being with.
  • Spend your time with people you respect.
  • Spend your time with people who respect you as well as themselves.

Treat Yourself With Respect

  • Allow some alone time to connect with your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Take care of your needs.
  • Stay true to your personal goals by incorporating your eating, exercising and other personal goals into your holiday plans.

Pick Activities You Enjoy

How do you like to celebrate?

  • With plenty of food and conversation?
  • With music and dancing?
  • With sharing highlights of each others’ year?
  • With playing interactive games?
  • With a walk outside together?

Pick The Setting You Would Enjoy

  • A big crowd or an intimate group?
  • A wintery or a summery climate?
  • Someone’s home or a rented hall?

You may enjoy a wide variety of activities and settings so that those things are not an issue.  But picking people you respect to celebrate with and treating yourself with respect are two ingredients you cannot do without if you want to experience happiness and cheer with others. That is because celebrating your joy with positive, respectful, happy people will magnify your joy in a way that nothing else can.


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