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Striving For Peace On Earth And Good Will Toward Men

It is not enough to “pray” for peace on earth and good will toward men. Just like anything else in this world, there are certain conditions that lead to certain results. And just as certain conditions, moralities and attitudes lead to a society of tyrants and enslaved subjects, certain conditions, moralities and attitudes lead to a society of peace and good will.

Here are some thoughts for striving for a society of peace and good will:

  • Peace on earth comes from everyone living by the same rules of life-promoting law, not from some people being forced to live by the double standards and dictates of other people.


  • Peace on earth comes from honoring the right of each and every person to direct his or her own life – and no one else’s.


  • Peace on earth comes from establishing a government to protect each person’s right to his own life and the fruits of his own labor.


  • Peace on earth comes from our right to defend ourselves against foreign and domestic bullies and to establish a government to render bullies helpless to do further violence to their fellow human beings.

When we learn to honor each person as an irreplaceable individual in his or her own right, instead of just a cog in the wheel of “society,”

When we learn to honor our own lives as well as the lives of others,

When we no longer tolerate some people forcing other people to act against their will,

When we leave ourselves free to choose for ourselves and shape our lives according to our own individual vision,

When there is liberty, justice and mutual respect for all, with no special “rights” and privileges for certain ethnic, economic, occupational, or “politically correct” interest groups at the expense of those who don’t belong to those groups,

And when we learn to actively strive for these conditions that set us free, rather than passively accepting whatever “fate” brings our way,

Then – and only then – can we have peace on earth and good will toward men.

Despite our differences, if we are united by this moral philosophy of individual human freedom, which has held us together for so long, we can lead the way toward individual hope and freedom and peace around the world. But if we follow the moral philosophy of “the government knows what’s best” “for the good of the people,” we will enslave ourselves as well as our fellow human beings to bureaucratic agendas, and we will crush the human spirit and join the tragic turmoil and waste of the tyrannies throughout history that have made peace and good will impossible.

As we approach the New Year, isn’t it overwhelming and wonderful to realize that the choice is in our own hands?  Instead of sitting back and letting others decide everything for us, we can each choose to care enough about our own lives in particular and all human life in general to actively shape the kind of world in which there is genuine freedom of choice, in which no one holds anyone else back from being all that he or she can be, in which we can all strive to make our most cherished dreams come true, and in which enthusiasm for life and good will toward each other prevails.

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