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Do You Sometimes Feel Like You’re Coming Unglued?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re about to “fall apart,” or become “unglued”? Little frustrations build upon other little frustrations day in and day out which can snowball and make you wonder if it’s worth it. Or, everything can be going along just swimmingly, and then all of a sudden it hits you, and you are overwhelmed.

What Is The Glue That Holds You Together?

On the surface, it can seem like you can fix things by simply adjusting your attitude or expectations so you don’t get frustrated.  Or by simply planning fewer activities for each day. But your glue goes deeper than that.

  • Your glue is your set of deep-down, bottom-line BELIEFS … about the world, about yourself, and about others.
  • Your glue is what you hold most IMPORTANT to you … such as your health, your liberty, and your livelihood.
  • Your glue is what you hold most DEAR to you … such as your goals, your family, your friends, and your country.

Your glue is “set” by your relationship with yourself:

  1. Your glue is set by the KNOWLEDGE you have gained about yourself and what’s important to you.
  2. Your glue is set by the way you CARE for yourself and what’s dear to you.
  3. Your glue is set by the ideas and VALUES that you choose to stand for and live by in your everyday actions.

Aye, there’s the rub! It is the degree to which your ideas and values promote your life as a healthy, fulfilled happy, human being that determines whether your “glue” is any good.

Not Just Any Glue Will Due

Your glue must have chemical integrity, so that it doesn’t disintegrate while you are in the midst of living your life. Suppose you believe you should be true to yourself and follow your dreams — but at the same time you believe you should forget yourself and live for others? Will you come unglued? YOU BET! Because you hold beliefs that tear you in opposite directions. Suppose you believe that you can get something for nothing. Will you come unglued? Of course, because the fact is you can’t get something for nothing: either you have to earn it, or you have to live like a parasite off your fellow human being who has to earn it.

Just like anything else, our minds have a specific nature that we need to honor. When you hold contradictory or conflicting ideas, values or beliefs, you “mess up your mind.” This makes it impossible to see yourself as a cohesive whole, with all parts of yourself integrated into one harmonious being. Just like our bodies, our minds cannot just “swallow anything” and get away with it. We suffer severe consequences when some of the ideas we hold are poisonous to our well-being.

How Can I Fix My Glue?

How can I have dependable, long-lasting glue that will increase my quantity and quality of life and hold me together for the rest of my life?

The first thing to do is to uncover the deepest-down ideas you are living by RIGHT NOW.

The next thing to do is to discover which of those ideas are HEALTHY (the ones that promote your life) and which of those ideas are unhealthy (the ones that harm your life).

The final thing to do is to revise your ideas so that all of them are working FOR you, instead of some of them working against you.

To guide you through this adventure (for it is an exciting adventure into what makes YOU tick), I designed the CD program, 8 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life from Conflict, Confusion, and the Control of Others. To learn more about this CD, as well as my upcoming book, This Is Your Life: No Apology Needed, I invite you to visit my website at www.YourRecipeForLivingCoach.com.

This is the most important “Fix-It” project you will ever undertake, and it will vastly improve the precious days you have left to live. Let me know how it goes!

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