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What Kind Of A Life Are You Voting For?

Voting is not just a once-in-a-while affair. You don’t just vote at the polls in November – you are voting every day and every minute of your life. With every choice you make, and every action you take, you are voting for what is most important to you and you are writing the “story” of your own life.

  • You vote with your TIME
  • You vote with your ENERGY
  • And you vote with your MONEY

You vote by what you think about, by what you choose to believe, by the friends you choose to associate with, by the person you choose to marry, by the work you choose to do, by your choice of recreation, and by the products and services you pay for.

Improving Your Life By The Way You Vote

You can improve your quality of life by becoming aware of what you are voting for and picking only those things that are the most important to you.

When you think about being beautiful, do you vote to think only about clothes, nailpolish and hairdo’s, or do you vote to think about the character traits that make you beautiful, and how they can be enhanced by your clothing and grooming?

When you think about yourself as a human being, do you vote to believe in the greatness you are capable of or do you vote to beleive you are a “nothing” and should apologize for living?

When you think about the person you want to marry, do you vote for a man who strives for the best in all things or do you vote for a man who merely does what he has to do “to get by.”

When you think about the friends you want to have, do you vote for productive, happy people who lift you to the highest heights or do you vote for passive, self-pitying, unhappy people who tear you down?

When you think about the work you want to do, do you vote for work that is important and fulfilling to you or do you vote to take just “any old job?”

When you think about having fun, do you vote for play that makes you feel refreshed, energized and alive or do you vote for play that makes you feel listless, lethargic, and drained?

When you think about spending your money, do you vote to spend your money on things that bring you health, prosperity and happiness or do you vote to spend your money on mindless distractions that detract from your health, prosperity and happiness?

As you can see, your past everyday voting record has created the kind of life you are living today. By changing the way you vote, you can change your life.

What determines the way you vote?

The way you vote comes from your deep-down bottom-line beliefs, which form your Recipe For Living. Until you know what drives your vote, you are not truly in charge of your life.

How can you make healthy changes in the way you vote?

By uncovering the Recipe you are living by right now and revising the ingredients that tell you that your life doesn’t count.  When you are in charge of the ingredients that you put in your Recipe For Living, you are in charge of your life. For a helpful 8-Step Guide to uncovering and revising your personal Recipe For Living, I have created an 8 Steps For Reclaiming Your Life CD program which I invite you to look over at my website www.YourRecipeForLivingCoach.com.

From here on out, HAPPY VOTING  for all the choices that will enable you to love living your life!

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